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(age 7 to 9)
Location: Bannockburn Montessori School
Dates: Sundays, May 6 - June 24 / July 8 - September 2 / September 9 - October 28
Start Times: 9:30 am (Spring), 10 am (Summer & Fall

Playing Periods and Fees
$140 $140 $140-

This is a 'total fun' small sided SOCCER environment where no scores are kept and everybody gets a touch to the ball.
With the emphasis still on Physical Literacy, players are placed in small teams of 8-10 players.
Introduction of goals and small sided competition.
The MINI division is co-ed. Professional coaches supervise activities, while volunteer coaches can assist and lead their teams.
If you wish to become a volunteer coach, please indicate so during registration.

Sample Session:

  • Warm-up/Game with lots of movement, 6 minutes:
    Learning the area, Listening, Basic Physical Literacy, Changing direction
  • Coach led Game introducing various game conditions/techniques, 13 minutes:
    Learning the game, Engaging the players, Movement with/out a ball, Passing
  • Break
  • Technical, 10 minutes:
    Ball Control, Teamwork, Listening, Movement with a ball
  • Break
  • Mini-Game, free play, no corrections, allow mistakes, two 12 minute halves:
    Kicking, Ball control, Movement, Learning the game

. Our 2018 Full Season Program starts MAY 6 and ends October 28.
. We operate on Holidays, except Canada Day and Labour Day
. No games are played August 5 (exception)
. Full Season and Spring participants receive a complete uniform and ball.

* The Club reserves the right to make changes to the program

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