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United SC encourage good sportsmanship at all levels, respect for officials, opponents, and the rules and spirit of the game.

United SC offers programs to everyone of an eligible age who wants to register and play soccer.

United SC encourages players, coaches and referees to improve their skills and knowledge, and provides quality support to the learning process.

United SC attempts to offer players, coaches and referees an opportunity to reach their highest level of competition, knowledge and expertise.

United SC programs are designed in a manner that promotes the enjoyment of and enthusiasm for the game.

United SC ensures that the Club has the financial, human and physical resources needed to meet the demand for quality soccer programs.
The United Soccer Club is not about size and numbers...
but we are committed to provide the best learning environment for the sport of soccer.
We like to plant and nourish the passion for soccer by teaching the art of the game from an early age on.
This is why our focus is on the individual, rather than a team.
Our goal is to build a better athlete through the knowledge of our coaches.
Therefore we are very particular in all basic aspects of the sport spectrum, such as proper running technique, balance, flexibility and co-ordination.
All these components are not just soccer specific and essential for a child's physical development.
United SC strictly uses the methodoligy implemented in the Long Term Player Development (LTPD).

The United Soccer Club is affiliated with the USC Academy. The USC Academy operates under the umbrella of the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) as a OSA recognized Non Club Academy (ORNCA), which is governed by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA).
USC adheres in principal to the rules and recommendations of the OSA and is a leader in promoting the LTPD.
The USC Academy provides programs for the ELITE and COMPETITIVE player.

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